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Living in Harmony With Raccoons

RaccoonWe love raccoons! Sure, they are considered nuisances in the urban landscape by many but these intelligent creatures deserve respect. Although we offer wildlife consultation and humane trapping and relocation services at our discretion, depending upon the circumstances, we also recommend that homeowners let nature take its course in the spring when there are most likely young in attics or crawl spaces. The family will move along and you can save yourself some money as well. We also can extricate raccoons when they've inadvertently fallen into a chimney and cannot manage to get out.

Over the years, one of our staff, a wildlife rehabber, has raised orphaned baby raccoons and rehabilitated them back into the wild. Our personal experiences with these 'varmints' has informed our positive opinions about them and we always do our best to ensure the young and adults are able to thrive in the areas in which they are relocated -- we do not remove them from their territory. We encourage people to embrace the idea of living in harmony with raccoons. When wildlife set up house inside your house or cottage, we offer consultation and recommendations based on wildlife rehab organizations' guidelines to encourage the raccoons to move out. We make a site visit and assess what we can do to intervene and help our customers, while always ensuring the safety and well-being of the raccoons.

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