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Cluster Flies


We treat cluster flies in the spring and fall. Once you have a couple of fall services, cluster flies are usually a less significant problem in spring. Call or email for a free estimate.

Pollenia rudis


  • Adult, 1/3 inch long (slightly larger than the house fly)
  • Larva, 7 to 10 mm long


  • non-metallic, dark gray
  • no stripes on the thorax
  • golden hairs
  • dark gray abdomen with lighter patches
  • wings overlap at tips when resting
  • longitudinal wein in wing has sharp bend
  • buckwheat honey smell when crushed

Life Cycle

  • metamorphosis complete
  • eggs are laid in the soil under leaves
  • eggs hatch in one week on earth worms
  • larva bores into a worm and develops inside the worm's body
  • larval stage lasts from 13 to 22 days
  • pupal stage lasts from 11 to 14 days
  • life cycle is 27 to 39 days
  • can be 4 generations during the summer


  • hibernates in clusters in buildings, usually in attics or little used rooms
  • do no damage but are a great nuisance