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We do not provide groundhog removal services.

Every summer, a few homeowners and cottagers call us about groundhogs digging up their garden. But groundhogs rarely dig unless your garden is very close to their den site. And in that case, groundhogs may either climb over or dig under a fence to get to it. You can do a few things to discourage this behavior.

Electric fencing -- carrying enough voltage to frighten but not harm the groundhogs -- is probably the best way to keep them from climbing. Other methods of deterring them from a garden include sprinkling talcum powder on the tops of vegetables. They dislike the chalk (as do most animals including rabbits) which, of course, can be simply washed off before you use the vegetables. A number of people have had success by throwing in a few vegetable seeds in a separate patch away from their garden and closer to the den site which then becomes the groundhog's garden. And if you have a dog, groundhogs are generally discouraged from making a home in your yard.

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