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When rats invade your space, it's time to give us a call. Professional pest control is the only way you're going to beat a rat infestation and we can get rid of them fast.

What is the Difference Between the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat by Susan Dorling (Customer Service Manager)

Scratching, squeaking, squealing and squabbling, roof rats (Rattus rattus) boldly announce their presence in buildings they inhabit. Scurrying across rafters, nesting in attics and sneaking into kitchens for midnight snacks, these highly adaptable disease-carriers strike terror in the hearts of homeowners. Their equally unwelcome relatives, Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), patrol basements and lower levels of buildings, sewers and subways. Thus, a difference between roof rats and Norway rats is habitat preference, in addition to variations in physical appearance and behavioral characteristics. Read more...