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Little Black Ants

Monomoruiu minimum

Chances are when you see small black ants circling around your patio and the perimeter of your home or cottage, it is the little black ant. The Monomorium minimum (Buckley) is a very small ant that is jet black and about 1.5 mm long. It is found throughout North America. It makes nest outdoors in relatively open areas but also nests in rotten wood, woodwork and masonry of buildings. 

Little black ant colonies can become very large. Mostly, the ants feed on secretions of plants, however, it will occasionally invade homes for food. Once inside, it feeds on sweets, meats, bread, grease, vegetables and fruit.


  • jet black colour
  • male is winged
  • female is winged until after mating
  • workers are wingless

Life Cycle

  • metamorphosis complete
  • female or queen may lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime
  • queen may live from 1 to 15 years
  • after mating the queen bites off her wings and goes into the colony to lay her eggs, never leaving the colony again
  • workers are sterile females


  • dwells beneath rocks, inlawns or in areas free of vegetation
  • feeds on honey dew (made by aphids) and sweet plant secretions
  • occasionally invades homes for food