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We do not provide squirrel removal services.

While some squirrels might seek shelter in accessible attics for the winter, it is more common for them to spend the winter nesting in groups in tree hollows. The female often only seeks out an attic as the birthing season approaches as a safe location to have her young. Fortunately, after the young are able to leave the nest, generally around six weeks of age, the entire family moves to a summer nest. You have no doubt seen these large leaf nests in the tops of trees, particularly noticeable in the late fall after the foliage is gone. This is the time to repair attic openings to prevent a reoccurrence.

Squirrels have two litters a year. We advise a temporary restraint period when the babies would be too young to leave the nest. It is recommended that you defer repairs or boarding up possibly occupied nesting sites between mid-March and Late-May and again between early-July and late-September. 

Squirrels will sometimes accidentally get into a home through a chimney or a basement window but bear in mind they will want to get out as badly as you want them out. Move quietly and confine the squirrel to one room by closing all exits. Open all doors and windows leading to the outside; lay branches or planks up to the windows; darken the room, allowing daylight to guide the animal back outdoors. Never block an exit way with your body.

Facts About Gray Squirrels 

Whether they are raiding the bird feeder, transplanting tulip bulbs, making themselves at home in the attic or delighting you with their antics, gray squirrels inspire joy and angst. One of the main attractions of backyard gardens, they are the second most-watched wildlife in North America, after birds, and there's no denying their appeal with their long, fluffy tail, soft brown eyes, and amazing acrobatic skills. Read more...