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Occasional Invaders


Most people consider insects pests only when they have a negative impact on our lives, in other words, threaten to harm us or destroy our property. However, lots of non-pest insects morph into pests when they try to share our living space. Most of these insects are not dangerous or aggressive. It's just that when we see them in our living room, we are disturbed. Some phobic individuals have an even stronger reaction when they see any insect. In the pest control business, we call these insects occasional invaders.

We are strong advocates of humanely removing the occasional sow bug or beetle by placing a cup over the intruder on the wall or floor, slipping a thin piece of cardboard between to safely catch it, then release it outside where it belongs. But when occasional invaders go unnoticed, they can become an infestation. When you see more than one, on more than one occasion, in more than one area of your home, that's an infestation that will continue to grow, unless it's eliminated.

We offer extermination services for the following occasional invaders as well as advice on how you can prevent future infestations: