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Assassin Bugs


Assassin bugs are fascinating insects that are considered 'occasional invaders'. You may see one or two over a period of time that have managed to make their way into your home or cottage. Scoop it up on a piece of paper without making contact with your skin and place outside. However, if you are seeing more than one on a daily or fairly regular basis, you may need our services to eliminate them.

Assassin bugs are predacious and as such will be hunting for other insects in your home. When infestations do occur it's usually because they have overwintered indoors.  Thousands of species of assassin bugs exist all over the world. A large insect, they range in size from 5 to 40 mm (0.2 to 1.6 inches). It uses its short three-segmented beak to pierce its prey and then suck the body fluids from its victims. A characteristic of the family is that the beak is curved and lies in a groove between the front legs. Although assassin bugs are generally black or dark brown, some species are brightly coloured. Most members of the family live outdoors and prey on other insects, thus are not considered a pest insect.