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What is the Difference Between a Roof Rat and a Norway Rat

Scratching, squeaking, squealing and squabbling, roof rats (Rattus rattus) boldly announce their presence in buildings they inhabit. Scurrying across rafters, nesting in attics and sneaking into kitchens for midnight snacks, these highly adaptable disease-carriers strike terror in the hearts of …

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What Attracts Stinkbugs to the Indoors

Millions of brown marmorated stinkbugs, or BMSB, invade American homes every year. You probably wonder why these relentless critters are almost magically drawn to the indoors -- it’s a purely natural attraction. Their passion to get inside your home is triggered by the fall equinox -- an intri…

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Living in Harmony With Raccoons

RaccoonWe love raccoons! Sure, they are considered nuisances in the urban landscape by many but these intelligent creatures deserve respect. Although we offer wildlife consultation and humane trapping and relocation services at our discretion, depending upon the circumstances, we also recommend that homeow…

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2015 Spring Special

We are celebrating 31 years in the pest control business this May, and simultaneously, 40 years in the pest control industry, so we would like to make the occasion extra special by offering a $25.00 discount to New Customers in Brock Township, Georgina, Orillia and City of Kawartha Lakes for three o…

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Our New Website

Thanks for visiting! We are in the midst of building our new website and hope to have all the great content and photos of our former website. Due to a glitch with the server and a loss of files, we are beginning again from scratch. We can promise you that this website will be even more informative a…

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